Accumulators, Inc. Mounting and Accesories

Accumulators, Inc. Mounting and Accessories

Mounting and accessories from Accumulators, Inc. offer everything you need for isolating, charging, mounting, monitoring, installing and replacing most manufacturers' units. Hydraulic accumulator mounting and accessories include mounting equipment, charging and gauging, maintenance tools, safety blocks, gas boosters, and other accessories.

Accumulators, Inc. Mounting, Charging, Gauging, Maintenance and Safety Accessories

Mounting Equipment

  • U Bolts - For horizontal or vertical mounting without a matching base. Sold as a complete kit with stop nuts and washers.
  • Mounting Clamps - Rubber lined mounting clamps for accumulator stabilization and electrical insulation. Combine with mounting bases for best support.
  • Mounting Bases - Rubber lined mounting bases, used to help support an accumulators weight and dampen vibrations.

Charging and Gauging

  • A variety of charging and gauging parts and assemblies for safe and easy pressurization and depressurization of accumulators.
  • Charging and gauging kits fit most competitor accumulators
  • 3,000 psi charging and gauging.
  • 6,000 psi charging and gauging.
  • 10,000 psi charging and gauging.
  • Permanent mount pressure monitors.

Maintenance Tools

  • A variety of repair and maintenance tools, designed to work on all Accumulators, Inc. accumulators and on most of our competitor's accumulators.

Safety Blocks

  • Accumulators, Inc. now offers a full line of accumulator safety blocks, used to safely isolate and discharge accumulator pressure. Many design and safety codes require safety blocks on all accumulators in order to qualify for certifications. Accumulator, Inc. safety blocks will fit any size accumulator up to 40 gallons, with any oil port thread. The blocks are rated to 5800 psi working pressure and will accommodate bladder, piston, diaphragm and float type accumulators, among others.

Gas Boosters

  • Accumulators, Inc. offers a full line of nitrogen gas boosters, used to facilitate the precharging of any accumulator up to the rated pressure of the booster, regardless of whether the source is pre-filled nitrogen gas bottles or an in-house nitrogen generating system. Our gas boosters will fit any size accumulator and will accommodate bladder, piston, diaphragm and float type accumulators.

  • 6000, 7500 and 10000 psig models available froms tock, other pressure ratings available.
  • Automatic stop control adjusted to any pres-selected pressure up to rated pressure
  • Standard high and low drive air controls
  • Manual start and stop
  • Safety relief valve
  • Gas inlet and outlet gauges
  • Air drive gauge
  • Optional stainless steel frame and base
  • Optional glycerin filled or digital gauges

Nitrogen Regulators

  • The nitrogen regulator ensures that nitrogen is added to your accumulator at a safe rate, which protects the bladder from damage as well as keeps the air temperature inside your accumulator from rising during compression.

Fluid Strainers

  • Use a strainer whenever the fluid end of your accumulator is exposed to large particulate that could damage the bladder or restrict flow. Fluid strainers are most often used with subsea transfer barrier accumulators to keep rocks, organic matter and other trash out of your system.

Bladders and Spare Parts

  • Replacement accumulator bladders and components for repairs and upgrades Accumulator, Inc.'s parts fit most manufacturers' units.

Gas Bottles

  • Air flasks, air bottles, gas storage, fluid storage - from 1 quart to 15 gallon, up to 10,000 psi.

Special Accumulators

  • Float accumulators, shell coatings, alternate design approvals and custom items.

Transfer Barrier

  • For fluid to fluid separation and expanded capacity up to 10,000 psi.

Racks and Manifolds

  • Multi accumulator racks and charging manifolds.